GFRG limitations

Skilled /Training needed for installation Workers shall be trained/ oriented on handling of panel and its erection, support system, clamping system, infilling of reinforcement and concrete etc. with all required safety measures taken including heavy hats, protective shoes etc. PAC holder shall arrange training of workers, as required in this regard.


Handling of panel shall be made with specific machinery. Movement of panel shall be reasonably slow and care shall be taken to prevent undue sagging, cracking or damage to the panel especially at the sides, edges and corners. The damaged panel or part of the panel must not be used and shall be removed and destroyed. The RBS Friction Lifting Jaws must not be used in the factory as every rib in the GFRG panel can be clamped only once.


GFRG panels shall be neatly stacked to avoid panel distortion, damage or moisture ingress. This can be achieved by stacking vertically on support extending the full length of the panel or a firm, clean and flat surface not susceptible to moisture. It shall also be kept free of any dirt, oil or other foreign matter. When vertically stacked in open air, panels shall be protected from collapse caused by strong wind. A good practice is stacking panels inside a Stillage with its stabiliser legs extended.


Cutting shall be made with specific machine and impact tools such as hammer shall not be used for cutting or removing part of the panel. All cutting shall be made in accordance with the drawings and requirements provided by the client. Generally the following requirements are applicable: -

  1. Tolerance to be ±1mm;
  2. Openings to be partially cut in the factory, leaving about 100mm at the corner to be cut after installation of the panel;
  3. Damage to corners shall be limited to within 10mm×10mm;
  4. Metal closure studs (C channels) are fitted to the edges of a panel immediately after cutting.


GFRG panels shall be packed and loaded on specifically designed stillage and delivered by suitable trucks. Extreme care must be taken in loading, transportation and unloading to ensure the safety and protection of the panels from damage due to collision or collapse of the panels. Care shall be exercised to avoid exceeding the maximum allowable height of vehicles applicable to a specific road in a specific area. All general grade panels shall be protected from rain with a plastic membrane. Protection from rain for water resistant grade panels is generally not required.

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