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There have been numerous efforts to build RAPID CONSTRUCTION houses across the country. Most innovative among them is the method created by IIT Madras students, ECO-FRIENDLY houses by using ‘Glass Fibre Reinforced Gypsum’ (GFRG) panels. They have successfully built a housing unit, which was constructed within a month using pre-fabricated GFRG panels made from waste gypsum.

The fertilizer industry produces around 2,000 tonnes of gypsum everyday in the form of waste, which is dumped over a large area. This waste is re-processed by calcining it into gypsum plaster, which forms the raw material for gypsum panels, which are manufactured in Mumbai by Rapidwall Building Systems, Australia.

FRBL PREFAB GYPWALL is a revolutionary low cost load bearing, prefabricated, walling system with broad construction application for individual domestic houses to multi-storey residential buildings.